Moft Smart Desk Mat 全磁吸設計 收納支架 [3色]
全磁吸設計 | 超薄易收納 | 自由調節角度

- 收納、支架、多裝置同步進行
- 自由調節角度 25度、45度、60度
- 全磁吸設計,物件整齊有序
- 超薄 0.38cm 易收納,一拎就走得
- 桌墊內置NFC感應點,隨時呼叫常用App
- 防潑水、耐刮、防污漬
出貨方式 自取 / 送貨
價錢 HK$798
The First Transformer Mat to Improve Your Posture and Organize Your Tech Life

Your desk is scattered with laptop, tablet, phone, book, paper and pen, and you’re suffering neck pain from browsing, writing and drawing. Then you flip out the mat on your desk, and everything is propped up and in its place. This is not magic. This is the Smart Desk Mat. 

Elevates All Your Devices from a Single Desk Mat

Multitasking Made Fluent at the Same Angle

The Smart Desk Mat shoots up a row of devices in seconds, creating a multi-screen ecosystem for you to view all. Everything you need to focus is at eye level.

Slide to Adjust the Angle

Work at Any Angle Fitting Your Needs

Under the top layer of the mat, it's a cinch to adjust the angle to 25° or 45°-60° through sliding. Manage your digital demands from each device comfortably.

Paired with our Magnetic Accessories

Snap On, Nice and Neat

With our accessories in place, simply “throw” all your work essentials together on it - the coolest and fastest way to keep them uncluttered and at your fingertips.


With the Digital Set

Dual-screen Setup to Boost Productivity

The digital set holds up a tablet and phone simultaneously. Drag and drop files, or have a quick glance at reference materials without a hitch.

With the Paper Set

Mood Board to Inspire

The paper set collates notes, photographs to help channel your creativity by giving visuals to ideas. Snap on inspirational materials to feed your mind.


Built-in NFC Functions

Tap to Get Into Focus Mode

In the mat, two NFC hotspots are embedded. Each can be customized to personal preference with a wide range of apps, including concentration apps.

Coupled with a Soft Leg/Wrist Cushion

Work from the Couch/Bed

The leg cushion magnetically attaches to the mat for working at a cozy spot, and acts as a wrist support to relieve the stress on your wrist from constant typing.

Slim & Spacious

Convenient Transition of Workspace

The mat has ample surface space for you to carry all your work essentials as organized, from the living room to the kitchen. Stay active throughout the day!


Spill Proof & Sustainable

Built to Last

Made of vegan leather and fiberglass from recycled industrial materials, the mat is a multi-device heavy lifter while offering water and scratch resistance.

Work The Way You Work
Quickly Get Into Your Flow

Product Supporting Image

Focus & Comfortable Workflow

Product Supporting Image

Uncluttered Desk Space

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A Seamless Reading Experience

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