Audio Pro ADDON T5

【細味北歐設計】Audio Pro Addon系列登場

瑞典品牌Audio Pro自1978起以小型揚聲器廣為人熟悉,其中獲WHAT HI-FI?選為年度產品的Addon 系列揚聲器正式於香港發售。
Addon系列設計簡潔,機身採用啞光漆面,作為室內裝飾的一部份可突顯自然簡約的感覺。音色以清晰高頻和渾厚低音表現出Hi-Fi感,操作簡易配上Hi-Fi 音效,令Addon系列深受音樂發熱燒友歡迎。

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定價 HK$1,899
價錢 HK$1,270
About Audio Pro
  • The cult speaker A4.14

    A radical, new solution created a sensational speaker; a 14 litres box with a built-in amplifier and ACE-Bass.

  • Inventor Karl-Erik Ståhl

    The engineer Karl-Erik Ståhl is behind many of Audio Pro’s patented ingenious innovations, most notably ACE-Bass, which allows a deep bass from small subwoofers.

  • B2.50 powered subwoofer

    When introduced at one of the largest audio shows in the world, the editor of one of the best known American audio magazines commented “You’ve done the impossible”.

  • 1980
    A2.2 powered mini speaker

    The innovation ACE PLUS was introduced together with the amazing, small speaker A2.2; a way to shrink the speaker size but keep the deep bass.

  • Bass rumble for cars

    The B2-07 subwoofer provided incar AceBass sound.

  • Audio Pro newsletter

    An overview with the line-up from late 80’s. Note the massive B4-200 subwoofers. Big on everything!

  • 1990
    B1.20 subwoofer

    The small B1.20 powered subwoofer stayed in production for almost 20 years.

  • Black Diamond; legendary floorstander

    Released in its first version 1998. “An experience you only get once in a hifi-lifetime” according to Swedish hifi magazine.

  • 2000
    Allroom mini speakers

    The highly appreciated Allroom speaker came in 10 different colours.

  • Stereo One hifi-system

    A mini hifi system with complete with ACE-bass. Still a classic and reference.

  • Porto – Portable iPod docking speaker with radio

    Unique in design and in sound. Perfect for picnics!

  • Living LV3

    Audio Pro goes high definition wireless and reaches cult status as the first true hifi wireless speaker with Living LV3.

  • 2010
    Addon T10

    The foundation of the wireless Addon series combining simplicity with award winning sound.

  • Multiroom

    Audio Pro enters the multiroom segment with a whole family of wifi multiroom speakers.

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